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Teacher Grants

Clintonville Go Public (CGP) is pleased to provide educators with funding support to expand their instruction, engage student learning, increase student achievement, and provide equitable opportunities for all students across the Whetstone Pathway. Our hope is that through our community-wide fundraising initiatives, we are able to increase our support of our most valuable educational resource – our teachers.

CGP welcomes teacher grant applications to serve students in the Whetstone Pathway. Funding will be awarded twice a year by the Clintonville Go Public board. Applicants may also be administrators, staff, and/or PTA/PTSO officers at any of the Whetstone Pathway schools.

CGP board members will carefully review all funding requests and will consider all applications that meet the following criteria:

  • The funds will directly benefit students in the Whetstone Pathway.

  • The grant supports classroom needs and ensures students have opportunities to participate in unique learning experiences.

  • The description in the application includes how the funding will improve the classroom or school, details the number of students served, and outlines a project timeline.

Preference will be given to grants that:

  • Articulate multi-disciplinary or innovative projects that support student achievement, enrichment, or citizenship.

  • Demonstrate collaboration across the Whetstone Pathway to include students from multiple elementary schools, Dominion Middle School, and/or Whetstone High School.

Principal Notification Requirements:

Teachers submitting a grant application must first discuss the funding need with their building principal. This discussion should confirm that:

  • There is no funding available through the school itself or the District for this project.

  • The principal and the teacher have agreed on ownership of items purchased by the grant funding (in case of the teacher moving to another school building).

  • There is an entity to which CGP will be able to write a check. This entity could be the school’s PTA / PTSO, the principal’s fund, or another acceptable entity. This entity must be able to accept the funding and then distribute it / make purchases as described in the grant application. CGP cannot write the grant funding check to a private individual.

Grant Application Process

Grant application deadline: October 31, 2019

Grant approvals by board vote: November board meeting

Grant application: Teachers should complete the online application found here before the above deadline. Please email with any questions.

Review and Additional Information

The grant review committee will assess each application and will make recommendations to the full Clintonville Go Public board. The board will make the final determination on funding applications and levels of financial support. There is no financial cap for grant requests. However, for any project over $500, please send an inquiry to, as additional information may be required.

While CGP aspires to fund all our students’ needs, we may be unable to financially support all projects (depending on availability of funds). However, there may be other opportunities for the board to provide support, through promotion of a request across the community or by connecting the project leads to other funding resources.

Thank you for your service in strengthening the neighborhood public schools and the Whetstone Pathway community. Please direct any questions to

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